Three simultaneous prevention levels


Simple and sophisticated

Our intelligent driving system is based on our proprietary device Savebox, a combination of a touch screen, a robust CPU and a set of sensors.

Savebox is installed in any vehicle and, through its sensors, detects what is going on both in cabin and in the road. Through the processing of complex algorithms it identifies driving risks and emits real-time alerts.

Thanks to our capacity to process at the vehicle, this first prevention level is always active, even under communication shadows.

2nd prevention level | BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS

Real-time follow up and monitoring

Savetrack provides an administrative tool, SaveCloud, which deploys all real-time and historic information on driving behavior

  • Real-time prevention alerts and videos associated to critical events

  • Email alerts on critical events

  • Events and trips geo-localization

  • Stats and historical information summarized in unique reports which are backed up to facilitate fleet management

  • Remote access from any device

3rd Prevention Level | FLEET MANAGEMENT TOOL – Bi

Intelligent information, a unique valuable information source.

Savetrack allows to gather and analyze information collected from all fleet and drivers to manage risk as never before

  • Root causes for risky driving behaviors

  • Define improvement targets which can also be measured over the time

  • Promote best practices:

    • Drowsiness avoidance
    • Distraction sources and habits control (cellphone, food, cigar, etc.)
    • Maximum speed and acceleration
    • Inadequate braking
    • Fuel saving
    • Score and rank fleet groups and drivers to target training needs
  • Benchmark over a universe of valuable data